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Finding harmony with Horses

May we find harmony with our horses

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Welcome to Finding Harmony with Horses, my name is Kylie Dearden and I am the owner and founder of Finding Harmony with Horses, a horse instructing business that aims on helping horse and rider become one.

What a beautiful gift that has been given to us to be able to share a bond with these magnificent animals - The horse, our beloved equine companions.

If in harmony horses express such grace, elegance and beauty.

Horses are always communicating messages to us on how they feel via their body language and facial expressions.

If we take time to observe and respect these messages, we will find harmony with them.

To me there is no greater gift than to bond and become one in harmony as we ride our beautiful horses.

I discovered an affinity with horses many years ago. I became aware of an ability to be able to tune into the horse and communicate with them. By understanding the horse's responses via its body language physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually has enabled me to find harmony with them.

 I have helped many riders over the years understand what their horses are trying to tell them.

Many clients, family and friends have called me a 'horse whisperer'. For me, it is been in tune with my inner wisdom that guides me every step of the way to finding harmony with horses. I see this as a gift, which I never take for granted and am guided and inspired to use this gift to teach and help others.

I have had many wonderful experiences with my horse and horses in general. We all have learnt so much from them and continue to learn more. If we remain open to their communication and take the right approach towards them, we will gain the horses trust and respect.

I ask that all horses be happy and at peace in the work that we ask of them and wish everybody the best in developing a healthy, safe and harmonious relationship with their horses.

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Training & Riding Program
14th & 15th of April 2012
As we all know there are many training & riding
aspects and skills required in finding
Harmony with our horses.
This program is designed from the
principles of my book.
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